Spiritual consultation



When the physical, emotional and mental body is in balance, we create a state of health and harmony that encourages our wellbeing. A Spiritual consultation assists the client in reaching that harmonious state by having the support to talk about themselves and with guidance learn better understanding and coping ability methods. Spiritual inflictions and ‘diseases’ are deeply inflicted wounds that can cause distress in our lives which can lead to physical disease and mental limitations due to stress, doubt, fear, uncertainty, pain, hurt, loneliness and negative habits. Cleaning out our inner temple is vital in clearing blockages, feeling more free and able to think clearly, and live our truth. With the right support and self-work we can determine our life path and change our destiny to reach our full potential.

Spiritual consultations are not religious based, however, the understanding and practice of religion may help the client with understanding their situations and issues on a deeper level in the spiritual evolutionary and karmic cycles of life on our journey to heal our physical, mental and cosmic body and reach higher spiritual awakening