Mind of life NPC

Sharing love and light through music and spiritual guidance to inspire a community of positive mindset, appreciation, love and unity to create of a beautiful, joyful and peaceful life experience of value and support for one another.

Both religion and spirituality can have a positive impact on our mental health. “A positive mindset may be our most important life skill” – Colé van dais

Music has a healing effect on the mind and changes the brain chemicals which helps create a positive mindset with happy feelings. Music can heal to the mind and can relieve stress, pain and suffering, helping a person cope with daily life stress, generating a feeling of inner peace, forgiveness, purpose and joy.

For any person to function properly, good mental health is needed. We need to feel happy, joyful, have organised thoughts, be inspired, be proactive, feel good, feel loved, feel appreciated, connect with others and be sociable functional beings.

Mind of life NPC shares information about the mind and believe in the positive spiritual and physical effect your thoughts and intentions have on your life and those around you. We believe it is vitally important of keep the mind positive and have a healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

The mission of Mind of life NPC is to share light and love through music, with founder singer / Vlogger / Human rights activist/ Spiritual upliftment guide and inspirationist, Colé van dais.