Mind of life NPC

Mind of life inspires a community of positive mindset, appreciation, love and unity to create of a beautiful, joyful and peaceful life experience of value and support for one another.

Having something to believe in can have a positive impact on our mental health. Realising that are significant, valued and loved by the Highest source of Love in the Universe can make us feel positive, safe and inspired on our journey to self discovery and living our truth. “A positive mindset may be our most important life skill” – Colé van dais

For any person to function properly, good mental health is vital. We need to feel happy, joyful, have organised thoughts, be inspired, be proactive, feel good, loved, and appreciated. To connect with others and have a social life is just as important as spending time in our own space to heal and reflect on our viewpoint of life experiences.

Mind of life NPC offers emotional and mental support by Counselling and Spiritual guidance (online and telephonic appointments; offers Reiki energy therapy (in person and distant), inspiring books to support spiritual understanding growth; and products to add joy to our spiritual life experience.

Our belief is that a positive mindset affect our potential, attitude, ability to grow and cope with life’s challenges, and to have have a healthy relationship with ourselves and others.

Listen to this Human Rights message in a song (Singer/ songwriter: Colé van dais)